Creek Bed Farm provides you with the best quality beef -
direct from our farm. Our family is not just in the
business of
raising cattle, we're in the business of producing excellent beef. Our goal is to deliver cattle that
will provide our customers with safe, all-natural, savory beef they'll want to have again and again.


Our hand picked cattle are provided a safe home, clean water, fresh grass hay, soybeans and corn that we raise ourselves. We do not give our cattle any animal by-products. They are fed a purely vegetarian diet. Our Natural Beef contains no growth hormone implants and no sub-theraputic antibiotics. Once harvested, the beef is minimally processed. This means that other than being made into retail cuts, our beef is unmodified. No additives, preservatives, tenderizers, red dyes or shelf-life extenders are added to our beef. In other words, nothing is added that our three year old can't pronounce.

We only sell beef in quarters, halves and whole steers. It's much more economical for our customers this way, so go out and buy that freezer you've been thinking about and support locally grown food!

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Creek Bed Farm has established great relationships with our customers that will last a lifetime!
Call Creek Bed Farm at (608) 635-2667 today!

Working hard to put flavor back on your table,